The McCloy Scholarship Program

The mission of the McCloy Program is to train future managers for the public sector in Germany and beyond and to strengthen transatlantic relations.

Around seven McCloy Academic Scholarships are awarded every year by the German National Merit Foundation. This full scholarship enables young professionals from Germany to acquire a Master's degree at the Harvard Kennedy School, a professional school for public policy and public administration.

The 14 current scholars are between 24 and 32 years old and have diverse academic backgrounds, from political science, German literature and law to physics and economics. They have already worked in philanthropic foundations, newsrooms, development agencies, university management, business consultancies, NGOs and ministries.

The director of the McCloy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School is Prof. Dr. Mathias Risse.

The program has existed for 25 years. Its almost 200 alumni work in all sectors of society in Germany and abroad.

For more information, please contact the program director or the spokesman of the current scholars.

The McCloy Program is managed and financed by: